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Akemi Dawn Bowman is a critically-acclaimed author who writes across genres. Her novels include William C. Morris Award Finalist Starfish, Locus Award Finalist The Infinity Courts series, Summer Bird Blue, Harley in the Sky, Generation Misfits, and Where the Lost Ones Go. She has written short fiction for Star Wars and Magic: The Gathering, and has contributed to several upcoming anthologies. She has a BA in social sciences from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and currently lives in Scotland with her family. She overthinks everything, including this bio. You can find Akemi on Instagram @AkemiDawnBowman.


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How did you get published?

I’ve written a blog post all about my journey to publication here.


I just finished your book and want to tell you how much I loved it! What’s the best way to reach you?

There's a form on my contact page that you're welcome to use. Please understand that while I do read and appreciate every single message I receive (I truly have some of the best readers in the world!), I am not always able to respond due to time constraints.


I can’t wait to read your upcoming book(s)! Where can I get review copies/ARCs?

Thanks so much for the interest! For review copies or any publicity related questions, you can reach the publicity team via the email addresses on my contact page (there's one for my YA novels, and another one for my middle-grade). You can also request e-ARCs through Edelweiss and Netgalley in the months leading up to publication. I will also sometimes share news about ARC giveaways on social media (keep an eye on my Instagram for more information).


I’d like to get in touch about an interview/podcast/event. What’s the best way to organize this?

So excited to hear this! Please reach out to my publicist or use the form on my contact page.


Do you have a media kit?

Yes, I do! You can find it here.

Is it true you wrote fiction for Magic: The Gathering?

Yes! I was honored to write both the main fiction story-line for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, as well as the Kaito Origin Story. You can read all of them on Magic's website for free here, or go to my Short Stories section to find links for every individual episode.

How can I get a signed book/bookplate of [INSERT TITLE HERE]?

When signed copies are available, I will share the news on social media (Instagram is the best way to keep up with book updates!). Unfortunately I don't have bookplates available unless they are specifically linked to preorder campaigns. 

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  •  I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t like mushrooms.

  • If you talk to me about Star Wars, Animal Crossing, or Pokémon, I will probably assume we are best friends.

  • I love animals, but I'm allergic to most of them.

  • Basically a part-time architect/interior designer via The Sims.

  • Favorite snacks include dried mango, chai lattes, and sea-salt dark chocolate.

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